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Finding The Best Orlando Graphic Designers To Work With

Do you have a graphic design job that you want someone to tackle for you? If you’re going to be hiring someone to take on a job, then you will want to make sure that they do excellent work. You deserve to get a lot for your money.

Thankfully, there are some very talented graphic designers like GGG Marketing Company working in the Orlando area. Some of these designers are working for major companies, while others do freelance work.

If you want to find an Orlando graphic designer that can take on your job, here are a few of the things that you should be looking for:


A lot of people try to save money by hiring a graphic designer that is fresh out of school. While it is true that you can hire a new graduate for less, you’ll want experience if you want to find one of the best local designers.

Graphic design is about more than talent. You need to have an eye for details, and you need to know how people respond to certain types of designs. These are skills that you can hone over time.

If someone has already been working in graphic design for a while, it will be easy for them to do the things that you need them to do. Try to find someone that has been working with clients in the Orlando area for at least a few years.

A Strong Portfolio

You will want to look over a graphic designer’s portfolio before you commit to hiring them. If you like what you see, then that is going to be an excellent sign.

Most graphic designers have a style that is present in all of their work. If a designer’s general aesthetic appeals to you, then you will probably be thrilled with whatever work they do for you.

On the other hand, if you’re not a big fan of a designers style, you probably won’t be happy with anything they do, even if they work hard to meet your needs.

An Excellent Track Record

Designers need a lot more than talent to please clients. They need to be able to listen to your requests, and they need to be able to deliver the work that you need promptly.

You should try to reach out to a designer’s past clients. Most graphic designers will be able to provide you with references if you ask for them. Reach out to these references and see what you can find.

Talent isn’t the most important thing in the world of business. The most important thing is being able to do the work you were hired to do.

Find Someone That Can Do The Work For The Right Price

Hiring someone to do graphic design work for you can be expensive, especially if the person you are hiring is a professional at the top of their game. With all of that said, you should be able to connect with someone that can work within your budget.

You should try to have talks with a few different designers. Bring up your project to them. See how long they think it will take, and how much they are going to charge.

Once you’ve found someone offering a fair price, you can bring them in and have them do the work you need.

It might take a little bit of time to find one of the best Orlando graphic designers, but you should be able to team up with someone that can help you take on your job.


Chinese Design Magazine Showcases 15 Paintings – eDesign Magazine, Taipei, Republic of China, February 2002 issue, published by Team Strong Media will feature an interview with Dennis Orlando and will showcase 15 paintings in their special Gallery issue. eDesign Magazine publishes an international showcase of the best in Design, Illustration and Art for the mandarin speaking asian creative community.

Painter 6 Wow! Book – by Cher Threinen-Pendarvis, published by Peachpit Press and available now! Dennis’ paintings are featured throughout this excellent hands-on guide to Corel’s award-winning Painter 6 program. Cher’s three earlier versions of the book were outstanding and this one is no exception. Check the web site and your local bookstore for more details.

1998 MACWORLD Expo Digital Art Gallery – Jacob K. Javits Convention Center, New York City. You can see Dennis’ award winning new work on display at MACWORLD Expo – The Creative World, New York City, July 8-10, 1998. The MACWORLD Expo Digital Art Gallery will also travel across North America to art galleries, universities and MACWORLD Expo in San Francisco, January 1999. Actual dates and location information will be updated, as it becomes available. The 1998 MACWORLD Expo Digital Art Gallery is on exhibit through the month of August at Silicon Gallery in Philadelphia, PA.

The Digital Print Award 98 – Clocktower Museum, London, England, May – June 1998 (sponsored by Canon). Dennis’ work was selected for exhibit by representatives from the Victoria&Albert Museum in London, Middlesex University and Art&Technology Journal to be a part of this prestigous international awards show.

Digital prints will be on exhibit at the Clocktower Museum in London from May 14 through June 15, 1998 and included in a special internet gallery and interactive display in the Museum.

Wacom Technology Corporation – Dennis’ digital art work was exhibited at Wacom’s Corporate Headquarters Gallery in Vancouver, WA and on-line at the Wacom Digital Art Gallery in Nov/Dec 97. Wacom is a premier manufactuer of Graphic Tablets for digital artist.

Off to Europe! – Dennis’ art work is part of Digipainting ’97 “Echoes from the third Millennium”, an art exhibition honoring the best in the world. The event will be held in Rome at the end of May and followed up by an exhibition in Paris and a third, later in Milan.

Canon will sponsor a 16 page catalog of the exhibition. Use this link to find out more about theDigipainters and follow the links to the authors area, to view his work and the works of other top digital artists.

Painter 5 Wow! Book – by Cher Threinen-Pendarvis, published by Peachpit Press and available now! Dennis’ paintings are highlighted throughout this excellent hands-on guide to Fractal Design’s (MetaCreations) award-winning Painter 5 program. Cher’s two earlier versions of the book were outstanding and this one is no exception. Check the web site and your local bookstore for more details.

Painter Studio Secrets – by Adele Droblas Greenberg and Seth Greenberg, published by IDG Books Worldwide. A lot of Dennis’ new work is featured in this creative resource which highlights Fractal Design’s (MetaCreations) Painter 5 release. Check your local bookstore for more details.

“Going Digital” An Artist’s Guide to Computer Illustration – by world famous illustrator John Ennis, Published by Madison Square Press, available now. Dennis’ digital art is featured in the book’s Showcase Section, along with a collection of work by other nationally recognized digital artists. Use this link to find out more about John Ennis and “Going Digital”.

1997 Calendar “A Celebration of Digital Art” by PSB Imaging and the AIDA We’re honored! Dennis’ digital art was selected to appear on the cover and inside this beautiful showcase, featuring the work of many top digital artists.

“Fractal Design Painter, Creative Techniques” – by Jeremy Sutton, Published by Hayden Books. Dennis’ digital art and web design work is featured along-side, some of the best digital work in the world. Pick it up at your local book store.

PRINT Magazine, July/August 1996 – Dennis’ Digital Art is honored with another award! PRINT, America’s Graphic Design Magazine, announced it’s winners, in this years Digital Art & Design Annual competition. He’s thrilled to receive a Certificate of Design Excellence and have his work appear in the special July/August 96 issue.

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